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Java topics list for Beginners

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If you're just starting with Java, it's essential to cover fundamental topics that will give you a strong foundation in the language. Here is a comprehensive list of Java topics for beginners, organized in a logical sequence to facilitate learning:
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1. Introduction to Java
What is Java?
History of Java
Features of Java
Java Development Kit (JDK), Java Runtime Environment (JRE), and Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
Installing JDK and setting up the environment
2. Basic Syntax
Writing your first Java program
Understanding the structure of a Java program
Comments in Java
Java identifiers and keywords
3. Data Types and Variables
Primitive data types (int, float, double, char, boolean, etc.)
Non-primitive data types (Strings, Arrays, Classes, etc.)
Variables and constants
Type casting and type conversion
4. Operators
Arithmetic operators
Relational operators
Logical operators
Assignment operators
Unary operators
Ternary operators
Bitwise operators
5. Control Statements
Conditional statements (if, if-else, switch-case)
Looping statements (for, while, do-while)
Break, continue, and return statements
6. Arrays
One-dimensional arrays
Multi-dimensional arrays
Array manipulation and common operations
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7. Strings
String class and its methods
String concatenation and comparison
StringBuilder and StringBuffer
Immutable strings
8. Methods
Defining and calling methods
Method overloading
Passing arguments and returning values
9. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Concepts
Classes and objects
Instance and class variables (static variables)
Instance and class methods (static methods)
this keyword
10. Inheritance
Types of inheritance
super keyword
Method overriding
Dynamic method dispatch
Abstract classes and methods
11. Polymorphism
Compile-time polymorphism (method overloading)
Runtime polymorphism (method overriding)
Type casting in objects
12. Encapsulation
Access modifiers (private, default, protected, public)
Getter and setter methods
13. Abstraction
Abstract classes
Interfaces and their use
14. Packages and Access Modifiers
Creating and using packages
Importing packages
Understanding the role of access modifiers in packages
15. Exception Handling
Types of exceptions
Try-catch block
Finally block
Throwing exceptions
Creating custom exceptions
16. Basic Input and Output
Reading input using Scanner class
Writing output using System.out
File I/O basics (FileReader, FileWriter, BufferedReader, BufferedWriter)
17. Collections Framework
Introduction to the Collections Framework
List, Set, and Map interfaces
Commonly used classes: ArrayList, LinkedList, HashSet, TreeSet, HashMap, TreeMap
Iterating over collections (Iterator, for-each loop)
18. Introduction to Java 8 Features
Lambda expressions
Functional interfaces
Stream API
Default and static methods in interfaces
19. Basic Concurrency
Introduction to threads and multithreading
Creating and running threads
Thread lifecycle
Concurrency utilities (Executors, Concurrent collections)
20. Basic GUI Programming (Optional)
Introduction to Swing
Creating simple GUI applications
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