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หัวข้อก่อนหน้า - หัวข้อถัดไป


     -  (Info Email bomber https://t.me/floodservice/273 )
Email Bombing - email flood or email hoax (DOS attack) or cluster email bombing, what are they actually doing?
A huge number of emails are sent to e-mail. This usually means that the @FloodService_bot bot specifically targets the victim's mailbox associated with your email.
These emails are intended to make fun of friends or distract the victim from any security messages or other emails.
I am glad to present you a mail flood bot with a convenient menu and flexible settings!
The cost of the service is $ 2 = 1000 letters.
You specify the time of the flood and the number of letters yourself, or choose the "FAST FLOOD" function
During the flood, a sufficient number of letters arrive so that the owner would miss an important letter!
The bot will flood more than you ordered. On average, 30% more than ordered.
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@FloodService_bot - Лучший емаил бомбер на рынке!