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One NFL coach actually predicted Patrick Mahomes record-setting contract two yea

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If Kliff Kingsbury ever retires from coaching, he might want to think about getting in the prognostication busine s, because it seems that's he's actually pretty good at making predictions, and if you need some proof of that, just consider this: He predicted TWO YEARS ago that would get a record-setting contract.Back in April 2018, Kingsbury did an interview with "The ThomaHawk Show," and during the segment, he was asked how he thought Mahomes would fare in the NFL. It was an interesting question, because Matt Ioannidis Jersey  at the time, Mahomes had just finished his rookie year, which is a season where he started just one game (By Mahomes' standards, it was a below average game with the quarterback throwing one interception and zero touchdown  Kyle Allen Jersey pa ses).Of course, Kingsbury didn't base his opinion off that game. The coach, who was Texas Tech's head coach at the time, based his opinion of Mahomes off the fact that he coached the quarterback for three years in college."His arm talent is the best I've ever seen, as far as just being able to throw from different platforms, different angles, off-balance, so I think the sky's the limit," Kingsbury said. "I got to watch him three years in practice and he just made throw after throw, like, 'How did he do that?'"  After giving the scouting report on Mahomes, Kingsbury offered his bold contract prediction."I truly believe he'll be the highest-paid player in the history of the game when his contract comes up," Kingsbury said. "I think he's that good."  Is QB the future of the ? head coach sure thinks so. Subscribe to The Show on :  UNINTERRUPTED (@uninterrupted)  After the words came out of Kingsbury's mouth, you can hear the host of the show say, "Wow," and it's easy to understand why. At the time of the interview Cornelius Lucas Jersey , no one knew how good Mahomes was going to be, and even the people who thought he was going to be good probably wouldn't have been willing to predict that he would land the BIGGEST CONTRACT in the history of the NFL.  Remember, it rarely happens that a player coming off his rookie deal sets any records with his next contract. At the time of Kingsbury's interview, had the biggest average annual value contract in NFL history, a deal that would pay him $28 million per year. Cousins' deal would later be topped by , and ( ). As you'll notice, none of the four quarterbacks were coming off a rookie deal Billy Kilmer Jersey  like Mahomes, which is why Kingsbury's prediction was so bold.In the end, Mahomes received 10-year extension and Kingsbury now looks like a genius.As a matter of fact, if you need $500 million, you might want to ask Kingsbury to casually mention it in conversation, because apparently, everything he Taylor Heinicke Jersey  says eventually seems to happen. Remember, this is the guy who -- before he even had an NFL coaching job -- said he'd take with the top overall pick six months before he ended up taking Kyler Murray with the top overall pick.    Kliff Kingsbury with some high praise for OU QB Kyler Murray:"Kyler is a freak.....I would take him with the first pick of the draft if I could."  Eric Kelly (@EricKellyTV)  If Kingsbury really wants to test his powers of willing things into existence, he might want to predict a Cardinals Super Bowl win next. Click here Click here Click here


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