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NFL places temporary ban on pyrotechnics while league conducts investigation fol

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The NFL is taking some time to review the safety of pregame pyrotechnics following a fire that occurred at  James Morgan Jersey Ni san Stadium prior to last Sunday's game and .According to ESPN's Kevin Seifert, the NFL is on the field. During this time, the league plans to investigate the incident from last Sunday at Ni san Stadium.The ban is going to be in effect until the conclusion of the investigation. However, teams are allowed to continue to use pyrotechnics away from the field, including shooting fireworks from the stadium roof as the do.Prior Rodney McLeod Jersey  to last Sunday's game, the Titans used flame-throwing boxes to shoot fire when  Bobby Okereke Jersey the team's starters were introduced before kickoff. One of those boxes fell over and the turf immediately caught on fire.  The fire was quickly extinguished, but left a rather large charred spot on the field. No injuries were reported as a result of the incident."Following the pregame introductions today, there was a mechanical failure by one of the pyrotechnic devices which resulted in a fire," the Titans said in following the incident. "The vendor will be required by the state of Tenne see to undergo T.J. Carrie Jersey  an inspection for the defective device and the others that were used to determine the final cause. The field staff acted quickly to extinguish the fire, which resulted in no injuries and minor field damage."  For the time being, teams will have to find new ways to introduce their Michael Badgley Jersey  players in a flashy manner. There's no word of how long the investigation could take. Click here Click here Click here


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The NFL has placed a temporary ban on pyrotechnics while it conducts an inquiry into an on-field fire. Following a fire at Nissan Stadium prior to connections last Sunday's game between the Colts and Titans, the NFL is reviewing the safety of pregame fireworks.


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